I’m missing a lot of original tapes (probably close to 20 or so tapes).  These would have been mostly 7″ reel-to-reel tapes in boxes, many of them the old Radio Shack “ConcertTape” brand, some Maxell and there may be others.  There may have been a few 5″ reels as well.  The boxes would be labeled with handwritten titles (i.e., “75-1”, “76-4”, “77-3”, “TV-1” through at least “TV-12”).  Mom gave a bunch of tapes to Goodwill back in August of 1994. 

If these tapes still exist, they may be in someone’s closet most likely here in the Albuquerque area.  Anyone who might have any information on them please contact me at the email address below!  These tapes would mean a lot to the family now so any help locating them would be appreciated.

This is the puppet demo reel from about 1982.
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