Articles & Misc.

Here are some Ron and Mary Kay articles and other miscellaneous stuff.

First, one of the first articles that featured Ron and Mary Kay.

Next an article that featured both my parents and me.  It was the only one I can remember with all of us in it at one time.

And an article on one of the music TV shows with Kathleen McVicker.

We used two different business cards over the years.  The first one was done by Judy Elder, a very good local artist.  Judy worked at Sandia with my dad for awhile and eventually wound up with APS until she retired.

Original business card by artist Judy Elder.

The second card came about only because the phone company changed our phone number, otherwise we would not have changed the card.  Since Judy was unavailable I did a new card for the puppets.  We used this card from that point on but I always preferred Judy’s original card to mine!

Second card I did after the home phone number changed.

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