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I’m not a big fan of WordPress. You have so little control over the look, feel and functionality of your WP website. However, I do see the advantages of quick updates with an “historical” site like this one and blogging posts with it (not much changes in the actual content, just in added posts like … Continue reading WP

Christmas PAL* Shows

One of the best memories from the later puppet years was when Carol and I helped my parents with the yearly Christmas PAL show at the Convention Center. They had clowns and a few other acts and the puppets were the main part of the show. The first year was pretty grim. There were no … Continue reading Christmas PAL* Shows

Puppet Blog

This site has been recreated from the original Ron and Mary Kay Puppets go daddy site. I was tired of the hassles and cost of go daddy. While I’m not a big fan of WordPress, it seemed the best solution (for now) to preserve the puppet information. This is currently a “free” WP site.

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