Curtain Call

Ron and Mary Kay did puppets for a living for about 15 years. But as they say, all good things must end.

They ended their puppet careers for a number of reasons.  Puppeteering is a very physically demanding profession and it was getting hard to travel all over the state with the stage, puppets and tons of gear needed to put the shows on. The public TV music shows finally stopped production and the small but steady income from that ended. And my sister told me about one other thing that had crossed my mind a few times but I didn’t know was a factor until she told me.  Political correctness.  If you do shows for schools and the schools start to subscribe to the idiotic notions of the PC crowd, you’ll have problems.  Can’t do a “Christmas” show, it might ofeeeeend someone.  Can’t mention this or that, someone’s feeeeelings might get bruised.  So when APS starts dictating the content of your work it’s definitely time to leave.  I’m sure it was a nightmare for people like my parents back when society first started into this PC crap, and it’s definitely a nightmare now.  It’s disgusting.  Society has become a huge politically correct toilet.  But I digress.

Ron and Mary Kay kept all the puppets, stages and equipment but once the curtain closed it never reopened.  After my mom and dad decided to call it quits with the puppets, I helped (unfortunately as it turned out) to get my dad hired on as an electronic repair technician at a place I was working at called KLR.  I say “unfortunately” because KLR wound up as an unmitigated disaster for both of us after the original owner Ruth died and other events occurred after that.  Eventually Ron set up his own shop called Visual Systems and later moved to G.C. Video when he began having health problems.  As horribly bad as KLR was, G.C. Video was just the opposite.  The folks at G.C. were very good to pop and took care of him when he was getting sick at the end.  Thanks Joe and Diane for being honest, ethical and moral when others weren’t; and thanks most of all for taking care of Pop.

Mom went to work at UNM as a secretary typist.  She could type 90 words per minute, it was amazing.  She remained with UNM until she retired.

And so life went on but without the puppets.  I think mom and dad hoped they might be able to do some puppet work again, but they never did.

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