Even More Puppets

More puppets.  The little puppet below has a tooth pulled by a dentist in this video.  I think it may have been a PSA (public service announcement) spot.

Puppet with a “toothache” in the dentist chair

Another couple of characters.  Note the puppet on the left (with tonsils prominently displayed) is of the same overall design as the one getting his tooth pulled above.  It takes 2 puppeteers to run this type of puppet, one for the arms and one for the mouth.  We also used this same design for “Gus Guzzler,” a character for TV and print ads for a local dairy.  While the puppet above was rigged so a tooth could actually be “extracted,” I rigged the Gus Guzzler puppet so he could drink as much liquid on camera as needed.

Tonsil puppet and curmudgeon

The large gray puppet on the left was huge and heavy.  I think he was used for some TV work only as he’d be too hard to use in a live show.

Large puppet with friends

George and Zelda on a music show.  I didn’t like the George puppet too much as he was awkward and heavy to use, but my dad really seemed to like George and they used him quite a bit on TV and in the live shows.

George and Zelda

Albert and Zelda

Animal puppets, frog, cat and mosquito

Characters used a lot on the music shows as
“singers” and background puppets

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