Last Word

Ron passed away August 23, 1994 after a long battle with cancer.  He was 62.  Mom just passed away this year (July 2, 2005) also from cancer (not the same kind as my dad).  She was 73.

August, 1992

One thing I discovered after going through all the keepsakes my mom and dad had was that they loved doing puppet work and they loved the puppets.  They kept all sorts of things relating to the puppets and it was obvious that that time in their lives meant so much to them.  As it turns out, it means a lot to me too!

I have most of the puppets stored now, and one of my sisters has Daniel and Suzette.  The big marionette stage still exists as does the hand puppet stage.  I have all the audio from the old shows still on reel to reel tape and plan to transfer it all to CDs soon.

To those who remember Ron, Mary Kay and the puppets, I hope they meant something in your lives too.

December, 1971

—Stan Day

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